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G4 Gimbal


The Feiyu G4 Gimbal for the GoPro provides Real-time Stabilization in the palm of your hand. This brushless 3-axis gimbal is engineered with user-friendly operation in mind.

More information about the 4G can be found on the homepage or in the full description below.


Product Description

4G Gimbal Information


The Feiyu G4 Works with the GoPro HERO4, HERO3+, HERO3 and Other Sports Cameras of Similar Size.

Compatible with the LCD BacPac for the GoPro.

The battery of the Feiyu G4 will averagely outlast the three GoPro batteries before you’ll need to replace the Feiyu G4’s batteries, 1 extra backup battery pack is included in the package.

Created with the G4 Gimbal by us

Feiyu G4 Gimbal: In The Box

  • 1 Brushless Gimbal, for the GoPro
  • 1 Extension Pole
  • 2 Pair (4 pieces) of batteries, used to power the Gimbal
  • 1 Charger, used to charge the Gimbal batteries
  • 1 mini-USB Cable, used to connect the Gimbal with compatible external devices like a computer
  • 1 USB Cable, used to create a wired connection with a USB power supply and the battery charger
  • 1 Type B Electricity Socket to USB converter, used to make a wired connection with the battery charger
  • 1 USB component, used to update the firmware/software for the Gimbal, also used for calibration (MAC CURRENTLY UNSUPPORTED)
  • 1 Extra pair of screws, used and necessary when attaching GoPro extensions like the LCD bacpac






Additional Information


Blue, Gold


FREE Ajustable Extension Pole, FREE x2 Extension Poles


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