Most of the GoPro users are hesitant to buy a gimbal because of the unsafe of shooting your video, if the GoPro would fell out of the holder than you may end up with a broken lens.


But this is not entirely true, there is a very easy and affordable way to protect your GoPro lens while filming with the G4 Gimbal. There is a “cap” that you can slide over your lens that will protect it from any accidents. You can get this lens for a few dollars on ebay or amazon.


Here’s how it will look like when using it in combination with the gimbal.



If you are scared of dust particles then you should focus on the backside of the GoPro, the slot to place the LCD or Battery bacpac in can be a very sensitive spot for dust or sand. I would advise to do some tape around it to keep it safe, doing that should do the trick!


I hope this very small tip will help users that didn’t know about lens covers yet.