You may have noticed last time when you connected your phone to your GoPro that you were prompt with an notification letting you know that your GoPro is ready for an update, update 3.0.0 to be exact. This is at least if you are a proud owner of a GoPro Hero 4 Black or Silver.

The full update log can be seen below:

New Features Adds ability to create and save short video clips on the camera

Performance Improvements Adds ISO settings for video — 800 and 3200 Default video setting changed to 1080p60

Usability Improvements Adds Simplified Chinese as a language option on the camera. Improves camera and smartphone connectivity Enhanced thumbnail gallery with larger images

General Improvements + Bug Fixes Improves power efficiency in Time Lapse photo mode

The newest feature will allow you to edit your videos on instantly on your LCD! (Only for Hero 4 Silver or owners of an LCD bacpac) It has been reported that further editing abilities on the LCD will be available in the near future, but no details has been revealed at this moment.

The GoPro update 3.0 also includes new ISO settings when turning on ProTune. You will now be able to capture videos in ISO 800 and 3200. Both of these settings are very welcome, the 800 gives you a nice balance between dark and grainy. Most users find the ISO 400 to be too dark, and the ISO 1600 to be too grainy, users that didn’t mind some grain still found themselves being disappointed with the details that the ISO 6400 offered but felt like the ISO 1600 just wasn’t enough – They can now enjoy the golden middle way by selecting ISO 3200!

We have prepared a comparison video between all of the five ISO settings. Everything is recorded on a Hero 4 Black with the following settings: 4K-30fps, Spot meter: OFF, Protune: ON, GoPro Color, Auto White Balance, High Sharpness. And there were no post-effects added with any video editing software. And we obviously used our Gimbal G4 to get these smooth results 😉



Except the amazing step forward with the ISO we also have a new language option, and improved connection with the smartphone (although it seemed to have made it worse on the Windows Phone..). We also have improved battery life for the Time Lapse photo mode but we have yet to try this out.

Did you also enjoy the update as we did? Let us know in the comments below.