So you might have spectacular footage taking with your Gimbal from your last trip/vacation/.. but from the start you will notice that something is missing.

This is actually the contrast of the videos that is ruining the whole feeling of the atmosphere. Even when you are filming in “GoPro Color” you will still feel like it isn’t enough.

You can fix easily with your favorite video editing program and I will use Adobe Premiere Pro as an example and I will try to be as beginner friendly as posssible, if you are more expierenced with Adobe Premiere Pro then you can scroll to the bottom of this article.

Start a new project



Choose your project name and Location



Import your footage by Right Clicking on the field at the left bottom corner followed by selecting your video file(s) that you wish to edit.



After importing your footage you will see that it now appeared in this grey field. Now simply drag them to the grey field (Timeline) next to it.




Now you will see a preview of your video together with bars on the bottom. Make sure you select “Fit” so your video will be displayed correctly.




Go back to the first grey field that we were in (where all of your footage files are in) and change the upper tab to “Effects”. After opening the Effects tab write “Contrast” into the search field.




Again, simply drag the effect to your video file on the time line to apply it.




Now some text will appear at the upper right corner which includes the effect that we just applied. Now change the value next to “Contrast” between 30-38, this depends on your footage you will see the preview to the right that will help you choose the value that’s perfect.





You’re done! Now all you have to do is export your video. Go to File > Export > Media..




A new window will open with a lot of information that you might not understand, but no worries! Just change the “Preset” to “Youtube (1080/4K/..)” found at the bottom of the list and then press “Queue”. After clicking Queue, Adobe Media Encoder will automatically open. After that you still have to press start (the Play button at the top).






I hope this mini-tutorial was interesting for you, if you have a different video editor, and you can’t seem to replicate the same effect then feel free to place a comment in the comment section below and I will try to respond as soon as possible.


Extra Tips:

– If you are using After Effects, you will have to check “Use Legacy (Supports HDR)” or else changing the contrast value will only have things worse.


– You can also try to amp up a video that is shot in a dark environment, like in a party with this similar technique. Simply increase the “Contrast” and “Brightness” Value.

– If changing the contrast does not make the colors look like vivid and nice and you don’t have the “Use Legacy” Button then you could also use the “Levels” effects. If you want more information on how to do this then comment below.