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Fixing GoPro Video Colors

So you might have spectacular footage taking with your Gimbal from your last trip/vacation/.. but from the start you will notice that something is missing. This is actually the contrast of the videos that is ruining the whole feeling of the atmosphere. Even when you are filming in "GoPro Color" you will still feel like it [...]

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How to Protect your GoPro from Scratches

Most of the GoPro users are hesitant to buy a gimbal because of the unsafe of shooting your video, if the GoPro would fell out of the holder than you may end up with a broken lens. But this is not entirely true, there is a very easy and affordable way to protect your GoPro [...]

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GoPro Update 3.0.0 + ISO Comparison

You may have noticed last time when you connected your phone to your GoPro that you were prompt with an notification letting you know that your GoPro is ready for an update, update 3.0.0 to be exact. This is at least if you are a proud owner of a GoPro Hero 4 Black or Silver. [...]

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