Feiyu GoPro Gimbal

Be The Hero AND The Pro

Creating professional smooth videos has never been so easy. With the G4 Gimbal, perfectly steady or smooth movement is achieved without any experience required!

A True Smooth Experience

Built to give you the best experience possible.

Can Be Used Professionally

Get perfect shots for professional use including for Commercials, Cinematography, Weddings & more.

Sports Videos To Another Level

Make your sport passion even more impressive by smoothing your movements.

Bring It With Your Travels

Bring the Gimbal with you in your backpack thanks to the portable size.

Possibilities Are Endless

Let any atmosphere sink into your footage.

Why You Should Get One

Don’t Miss Out!

Create breathtaking footage without putting too much effort into camera movement.

The GoPro Gimbal does everything for you!

Innovation In Your Hand

The Gimbal G4 technology uses a set of three gimbals which allows your GoPro to be free from all movement. As you can see in the video above, the G4 provides full stabilization to make your Action footage, Sightseeing/Memory Footage a hundred percent steady.

Feiyu G4 Design

Extend Beyond Reach

The GoPro gimbal provides support to connect extension poles which allows footage from new perspectives.

Included for free with the Gimbal for a limited time.

The Ultimate Control

2.4G Wireless Remote Control

The wireless remote control will give you the ability control the gimbal’s movement from a distance up to 15m.

Professional Video Stabilization In the Palm Of Your Hand.

Choose Your Gimbal

G4 Gimbal

Our standard design makes sure your GoPro is always tightly buckled up in the Gimbal.


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G4-QD Gimbal

Features a different plastic way to buckle up your GoPro scratch-free, forever.


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G4S Gimbal

Complete 360 degrees motor angle eliminates dead angles, is equipped with a joystick, supports any tripod & more.


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Wearable Gimbal

If you’re always mounting your GoPro to unusual places that causes a lot of shaking. Then the Wearable Gimbal will make your Sports videos perfect.


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Accessories for your Gimbal

Feiyu Gimbal Adjustable Extension Pole

Adjustable Extension Pole


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Gimbal Extension Poles

Extension Pole


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Wireless Remote Control

Wireless Remote Control


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Feiyu Remote Control

Remote Control


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